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350 (Carshalton & Wallington) Squadron

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No matter what your skill level is – every cadet gets the chance to go shooting. There are three main weapons that cadets are trained to fire safely, but there is a variety of others that you could be trained on. Air Cadets fire the No. 8 rifle, L-98A1 and L-98A2. How is your aiming?

Depending on how good you are, you will get the opportunity to take part in competitions. You will start on a 25 metre range but you could be firing at targets 100 metres or more away if you have what it takes. Shooting is done in a safe environment; although the ranges change cadets will always fire in the prone position (lying on their stomach) and will aim at static targets.

Work your way to the top, earn a Wing Marksman, Region Marksman or Corps Marksman badge to go on your uniform and show everyone your achievements.