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350 (Carshalton & Wallington) Squadron

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Camps are arguably the best part of being an Air Cadet; there are loads to choose from, the activities vary, you meet new people, make new friends and get a taste of what it’s like in the RAF. Camps can be split into three categories:

RAF Camps

Cadets spend a week at an active RAF Base in the UK in the Easter/Summer/Autumn holidays. It’s a long and tiring week, discipline is at it’s highest, the night exercise is set to be a good one, you will meet pilots, air traffic controllers, dog handlers, RAF police, caterers, weapons system operators, armourers. Okay – well you get the idea. On RAF Camps you visit all the different sections of an RAF Base, you will march between locations, get the chance to go flying, maybe get a flight in a service aircraft, go-karting, bowling, sport, room and uniform inspections. RAF Camps are busy, fast paced and thoroughly enjoyable.

Adventure Training (AT) Camps

AT Camps are usually run over a weekend or a few days during the holidays, they focus on the ‘green’ aspect of being an Air Cadet. You will wear your camouflage uniform the majority of the time, go shooting, learn navigational skills, possibly stay in a tent, cook your own meals, survive on ration packs issued by the RAF – the same servicemen and women use overseas. Usually the most fun part of an AT camp is the night exercise; this is where cadets are split into teams and are given a scenario and an objective. Night Exercises can last just 3 hours, or even up to 30 hours!

Overseas Camps

This is something every Air Cadet should do! There are plenty of opportunities to go overseas with the Air Training Corps. Every year cadets are flown to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus or maybe Gibraltar, Germany, Belgium… Whether it is a day trip, a weekend or a whole week, overseas camps are one of the best parts of being an Air Cadet. If you go to RAF Akrotiri it’s possible you’ll meet the Red Arrows as it is where they train out of season – but there are plenty of other aircraft there throughout the year. A week in the sun, shades on, loving life, and at a low price! What could be better!?