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350 (Carshalton & Wallington) Squadron

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The Air Training Corps (ATC) is a British cadet organisation; a voluntary youth group which is part of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets - which is officially known as the Air Cadet Organisation (ACO). The ATC is part sponsored by the Ministry of Defence to pay for core activities such as flying and gliding, this only covers a small part of what the ATC does so each squadron/wing/region relies heavily on donations and fundraising.

The ATC is sponsored by the Royal Air Force (RAF), they share a uniform, rank structure, discipline and ethos. Headquarters Air Cadets (HQAC) is based at Royal Air Force College (RAFC) Cranwell in Lincolnshire. There are different levels of staff in the ATC; Commandant Air Cadets, who holds the rank of Air Commodore, is the highest rank in the ACO and is a Full Time Reserve Service position. The majority of staff, including staff at Squadron/Wing/Region level are volunteers. Just like the cadets, the staff follow a set rank structure from Civilian Instructor, through to a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer rank, up to a Commissioned Officer rank. You will learn the rank structure in more detail if you become a cadet.